Laurel Springs is the school of choice for student athletes who seek flexibility and a college preparatory education.
Student athletes must balance the challenging demands of a busy training and competition schedule, while staying on track with their academic workload. Laurel Springs understands the unique needs of these students and works with elite athletes and sports partners to ensure their success.

As an accredited online private school, we offer a catalog of more than 240 courses, most of which are NCAA approved, including a variety of Advanced Placement, world language, and elective offerings. Our courses are asynchronous, meaning that your student athletes can complete their academic work when it is convenient for them, allowing for valuable time to train.

Laurel Springs provides academic planning for full-time students who wish to pursue athletics at Division I or II colleges, and our School Counseling Department has NCAA specialists on staff to help answer questions about the eligibility process. Our exceptional teachers provide academic support so students can discover their interests, talents, and develop the necessary skills to become self-directed adults who are confident about academic goals and career paths.
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